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Before you arrive in the country we offer legal assistance services, commercial information and information about life in Costa Rica, as well as any other data you might need to make your decision.

During relocation we take care of all procedures and of moving your belongings, so that it takes place in an agile manner and without complications.

Once you are in the country we will help you make this your new center of operations and/or home.

In the first case we will find potential locations for your company (for example in free trade zones –industrial parks where companies can operate tax free-), we will provide the key contacts you need at a private and/or governmental level, and much more.

We will advise you about the way to conduct your business in Costa Rica and we will provide a guide to all professional proceedings and providers that your activity requires.

And in the second case, we will find you language schools and social clubs, we will guide you so you can get your driver’s license or residency permit – among other documents-, and we will advise you regarding Costa Rica’s idiosyncrasy.

Anything at anytime… This is what we can do for you in Costa Rica, 24/7.

You did not find what you were looking for?  Contact us and we will help you.

Legal assistance

Real estate and moving

• Assistance with immigration
• International transportation of furniture and home appliances
• International transportation of electronic or computer equipment
• International transportation of vehicles (cars, boats, etc)
• International transportation of pets
• Seminars on Costa Rica’s culture / cultural shock
• Temporary or permanent residences
• Temporary or permanent offices
• Providers of: furnishings, equipment, art, vehicles and more


• References for dentists
• References for medical doctors
• Pharmacies
• Medical centers, clinics and hospitals
• Medical plans


• Cultural shock seminars
• Search for schools for your children
• Music lessons, sports and others
• Spanish and other language schools
• Careers or continuous education for your spouse or partner


• Transportation to and from airport
• Car rental
• Drivers
• Shuttles
• Taxis


Tourism programs to get familiarized with the country, or for investors
• City tours/ main tourist sites
• Hotels or houses for rent in the main tourist sites
• Medical tourism

References for your daily life

• Beauty salons/ spas
• Social clubs
• Errands
• Dry cleaning
• Sending packages abroad
• Gyms
• Shopping
• Social activities
• Supermarkets
• Cable or satellite television
• Catering service
• Domestic help
• Computer repair
• Courier service
• Driving lessons
• Gardeners
• Home repair and/or maintenance
• Security
• Search for hard to find items
• Mechanics
• Placement of ads in local media
• Home or mobile phone service
• Translation services

Various Proceedings

• Assistance dealing with Costa Rica’s government institutions
• Immigration
• Assistance obtaining a driver’s license
• Assistance obtaining a gun permit
• Assistance obtaining or renewing your residency permit
• Assistance obtaining a work permit
• Acquiring a post office box
• Assistance in order to receive your social security benefits in Costa Rica
• Asset protection through offshore corporations
• Banking assistance
• Centralized management of payments
• Payment of rent, public services, domestic service and other services
• Insurance (health, home, vehicles, etc…)

Contact us for more information.

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  • Legal assistance
  • Real estate and moving
  • Health
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Various proceedings
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